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SHK is one of the leading Industrial-, Facility- and Hook-up- Engineering Consultants for Start-up projects of the latest 200mm and 300mm microchip production lines. The start-up of solar cell production lines and research in the field of 450mm wafer manufacturing is also part of our portfolio. The SHK team gained their experience in numerous projects in Europe, Asia and the U.S.A.
SHK consultants and engineers are working hand in hand with our client’s team with focus on well engineered solutions. This results in long-standing and excellent business relations.

SHK reference projects:

GLOBALFOUNDRIES U.S.A. – Industrial Engineering including Equipment Layout, Subfab Layout, Facility Utility Matrix, conceptual Fab design and space planning for a Technology Development Center and a Giga Fab. Hook-up Engineering with SemiSoft® and 3skeng© software tools for the start-up of the large front-end Fab 8.
Q-Cells AG Germany and Malaysia – Start-up project management, Equipment 3D Layout, Hook-up Engineering and SemiSoft® installation and training for the start-up of a new solar cell production line in Germany and the volume production in a new Fab in Malaysia. Q-Cells is the worldwide largest solar cell manufacturer.
GLOBALFOUNDIRES Abu Dhabi – Industrial Engineering including Equipment Layout, Subfab Layout, Facility Utility Matrix and Space planning for a 300mm Giga Fab to be built in Abu Dhabi.
MeiYa Technology, Taiwan – Hook-up Engineering and design consultancy including Subfab 3D Layout, SemiSoft® installation and training. MeiYa was established as JV between Nanya and Micron with the target to start up a new 300mm manufacturing line in an excising cleanroom.
Infineon Technologies Bipolar – Equipment 3D Layout, Space management and Hook-up Engineering for a production capacity increase project of the power semiconductor production line. The production manufacture high voltage power thyristors for industrial applications.
Nanya Technology Corporation - Start-up consultancy, Main-/Submain design review, Hook-up Engineering, SemiSoft® installation and training for the start-up of the 300mm volume production. Hook-up design including 3D micro layout and panel design to support efficient pre-installation and a fast high quality Hook-up.
Infineon Technologies Malaysia – Hook-up Engineering and design and Start-up project management, SemiSoft® installation and training. The Infineon Technologies Fab in Kulim has set new benchmarks in start-up speed and yield of the first wafer out.
Inotera Memories, Taiwan – Start-up consultancy, Hook-up Engineering, SemiSoft® installation and training Fab 1 and Fab 2, with 120 K wspm one of the very large DRAM production sites worldwide has demonstrated enormous speed in start-up and ramp to mass volume production and is setting benchmarks in cost-effectiveness.
Qimonda U.S.A. – Hook-up Engineering and design consultant, SemiSoft® installation and training for the start-up of the 300mm DRAM Fab. Qimonda Richmond is using SemiSoft for Hook-up design and facility management.
AMD Dresden - Design, Engineering and Documentation for Bulk- and Special gas supply systems and Hook-up. SHK engineers are working from the start-up of the AMD site in Dresden until today as partner of Air Liquide on challenging projects for one of the most advanced microprocessor production sites.
Semicoductor300, a temporary Joint Venture between MOTOROLA and INFINEON which started the first complete 300mm production line worldwide. SHK engineers and consultants were responsible for project management during Start-up and Hook-up Engineering as well as for a project management job during the line conversion from 13 to 25 wafer FOUPs.
Numerous Engineering projects for Compressed air, Bulk- and Special gas systems as Air Liquide engineering and design partner. Installation of the SHK EngineeringTools und and the SemiSoft® KnowledgeMatrix. By working for Air Liquide in a perfect partnership atmosphere since the founding of SHK until today we could learn the complexity of engineering, installation and operation of ultra pure supply systems.
Renesas Europe – former Mitsubishi Semiconductor Europe. Conceptual design, Basebuild and Hook-up Engineering, Installation management and Documentation for Special gas supply systems as engineering partner from Air Liquide.
Advanced Mask Technology Center Dresden – A joint venture from AMD, Infineon and Toppan. Project management Start-up and Hook-up including cost control.
Qimonda Dresden – Project management and Engineering for the Start-up of the 300mm volume production line. Hook-up project management, SemiSoft installation and training, facility management support. Qimonda Dresden is using a real time supply system measurement, connected to the SemiSoft® EquipmentMatrix which provide detailed Cost of Ownership data.
Infineon Dresden – Design and Engineering for ultra pure systems with focus to Bulk- and Special gas systems. SemiSoft installation and training for facility engineering and management.
Renesas Europe – former Hitachi Semiconductor Europe. Hook-up engineering and development of a software tool for management reporting which is based on the database of the Workstream RTC module.
SIEMENS Microelectronics Ltd. Newcastle – Project management Hook-up as well as conceptual design, Engineering and Documentation for Bulk- and Special gas supply systems.
FiberCore Jena – now j-fiber Jena. Conceptual Design, Installation- and field engineering for Bulk- Special gases and Chemicals. Hook-up Design. Engineering for Control- and Monitoring.
WhiteOak Semiconductor – now Qimonda Richmond. Hook-up consultant for the start-up of the 200mm DRAM production Fab.
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